Silk scarf Ocean

Silk scarf Ocean

Greenery is the fashionable color of 2017, announced by Pantone. A refreshing shade of greenery symbolizes new beginnings, a source of strength and renewal. Green has become a guide from urban busy everyday life to strive for harmony with nature. The basis is the rich greenery of palm trees leaves, the loud toucans, the flowers of the strelitzia, also called «paradise birds,» magical fuchsia, and sensual flowers of love or «flowers of beautiful women»- hibiscuses!

Processing: Garter stitch or garter machine manual (on request)

Composition: 100% Italian silk

Size: 90 x 90 cm

Packaging: cardboard box pink, wooden box for a handkerchief the size of 140 x 140 cm


90 cm x 90 cm – $105/$125
140 cm x 140 cm – $220/$235

Order and delivery

Goods can be ordered by filling out the application on our website or on instagram dvoryanskaya_artstore Delivery to Ukraine and around the world. Shipping rates may vary, depending on size of order and destination. No returns on all products. All scarves are available, some models can even be customized. Possible development for individual headscarves. We have a loyalty program available for wholesale customers All questions please contact us at

Care for Printed silk products
Natural fabrics are recommended to be washed in a large amount of warm water (up to 30ºC) on a delicate cycle without pre-soaking and using the shortest spin cycle. Natural silk soaking is not recommended. Do not use chlorine bleach. Dry cleaning is recommended. Drying at low temperature on the gentle dry cycle and ironed at medium heat (up to 130ºC).

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